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Collapsing Honeybee Colonies & Your Immune System (Part 1)

Honeybees, Colony Collapse Disorder | Silence of the Bees:  | Nature on PBS

In winter 2006, millions of bees vanished from their hives due to Colony Collapse Disorder. Researchers rushed to discover why honeybees were dying in record numbers.

The collapse of bee colonies around the world is the global equivalent of what the the canary was for miners in the 20th century: When deadly gas started to build up in the mine, the canary - being much smaller and much more sensitive than the miners - would die; which would be the signal to GET OUT FAST.

The bee is sending humankind the same signal today: If enough of us don’t make significant lifestyle changes and healthy choices, food as we know it may disappear in 25 years!

Alarming? Yes. But by heeding the alarm we have time to act now.

This is part one of a series discussing the threats to human health today and what can be done to strengthen the immune system to meet these challenges.

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