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Class Update: Movement, Meditation and Oriental Medicine


Movement, Meditation and Oriental Medicine meets once a month for a year. During our first session we used much our our time learning, practicing and enjoying the calming movements of Chi Kung.

The calming qualities of Chi Kung and meditation are particularly notable with the onset of Spring Energy with its predictable effect on the nerves, especially when your Liver is out of balance. 

Considering this, its important to remind ourselves of the importance to doing some gentle exercise on a regular basis.

John Steinbeck,  the writer, understood the importance of consistency in his success as a writer. If you apply the same thinking to practicing Chi Kung, you’ll find that the truth remains the same!


In writing, habit seems to be a much stronger force than either willpower or inspiration. Consequently there must be some little quality of fierceness until the habit pattern of a certain number of words is established. There is no possibility, in me at least, of saying, “I’ll do it if I feel like it.” One never feels like awaking day after day. In fact, given the smallest excuse, one will not work at all. I must get my words down every day whether they are any good or not. ~ John Steinbeck

So we’re by no means alone on this road to establishing a practice that we can rely on.

Do your best to pay attention to your body and it will let you know how much it appreciates your practice of Chi Kung each day. Your body has its own intelligence and knowing, and will let you know when what you’re doing is helping it or not. 


So keep going on your road toward consistent daily practice, and as Steinbeck puts it, that little quality of fierceness will help you get the habit pattern in place that we all need to feel calm and balanced.

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