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Chinese Medical Herbs and Your Health

In the garden / cultivating appreciation / harvesting gratitude — Ronin

As we continue to plant and tend our garden at BIOM, we have a special appreciation for the herbs growing here. Herbs and humans have a primordial relationship, one so essential that you could say that without herbs the human race might not exist today because our ancestors depended on them for their strength and health.

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Chinese Medical Herbs


The Power of Chinese Medical Herbs
Just the other day, we were admiring and benefiting from this ancient knowledge in our modern kitchen. Because it’s Spring, the Liver and Gallbladder, according to Five Element Theory, are processing more Chi (Life-force/Energy) than during other times of year.  When these organs are healthy and balanced, calm and creativity flow; when they’re not,
irritation and frustration can annoy. For most of us, it’s a combination of both — a balancing act.

Like many of you, we were dealing with our ‘symptoms.’ So Kitty made a Chinese medicine herbal “tea” out of 24 different herbs, and soon after drinking it — tightness in the jaw, pressure in the head, and somewhat ‘jittery’ nerves mellowed into a feeling of calm and balance. We’re always amazed at the power of these herbs, and
try to grow as many of them as we can in our garden.

Feel The Power
So as you continue to flow through the seasons of your life, keep in mind how Chinese medical herbs can help you cultivate and maintain your health. If you’re new to this type of medicine and want to get started, begin by paying attention to what you’re feeling so you can describe your pattern of discomforts with someone who can help you understand what to do next.

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