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Oriental Medicine at BIOM has many facets and is structured to make its benefits available to as many people as possible — regardless of whether you can physically come to BIOM or not. Here’s how it works:

ATW: What do you mean by “at-a-distance’ consultations?

Kitty: Well, I’ve found by combining my ability in helping people regain and/or maintain their health, with today’s audio/visual communication technology, I’ve been able to develop an inexpensive and successful way of working with people on their health needs from my office to wherever they are in the world.

ATW: Interesting ... how does it work?

Kitty: Our first meeting is a typical phone conversation where we spend 45 to 60 minutes, depending on your needs, where we discuss what’s going on with your health, and get clear about what you need help with or information about.

ATW: Would you give an example of the types of questions you ask?

Kitty: Typical ‘getting started’ questions focus on your current medical history and some detail about your family history. After listening to you, I’m able to provide an overview of how I see your situation, and offer some suggestions and steps to take to help you get the results you’re looking for.

ATW: How do you use the Internet as part of your ‘at-a-distance’ health consultations?

Kitty: An obvious way is email. Sometimes people need some time to sit with a question for a while to get to a deeper insight than what’s available when having a somewhat spontaneous phone conversation. So after we have our initial conversation, I encourage people to take some time and explore these questions in more depth in writing. It’s amazing how this ‘extra’ step uncovers critical information that the person either didn’t remember before, or didn’t think was significant. And we still value ‘low tech’ methods too, so you can write you answers down the old fashioned way — on paper — and send it via the post office. As always, it’s your choice.

I also use photography. For those people who have digital cameras, I ask them to take and email some pictures for me to look at so I can do a face reading; this is a time-tested Taoist medical technique that discovers the condition of the internal organs based on symptoms displayed on the face. I also like to see a picture of the full body — clothed of course [Kitty smiles] — because there’s important information to be received that way too.

And if you don’t have a digital camera, once again, the old fashioned U.S. mail works just fine too.

ATW: What types of health issues have you helped people with “at-a-distance”?

Kitty: While the issues are somewhat common, everyone’s situation is unique, and I work with people with that in mind, this isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Having said, that I’m currently working with people in areas that include:

Diet and Nutrition. The approach here is to view food as ‘medicine,’ and use it to correct existing problems and build strength and immunity so you’re not so susceptible to having your energy depleted and becoming ill. This type of consultation is especially popular because this information is often missing from typical health plans.

Finding an Oriental medicine practioner in your area. There are many people who find me online who would like to visit my clinic, but don’t live in the Seattle area. In those cases, I spend time ‘coaching’ people about Oriental medicine and how to find a practitioner that’s right for them in their area.

ATW: If someone started working with you ‘at-a-distance’ and wanted to get a more ‘hands-on’ experience for treating their problem, could they do that with you?

Kitty: Yes. I know that sometimes the right treatment is dependent on having the right doctor. So if you want to work with me as your Oriental medicine practitioner, and you don’t come to the Seattle area regularly, here’s what we can do:

Current “At-a-Distance” client: Since we already have an existing relationship, and I know quite a bit about your health issues, you would plan to visit BIOM on Bainbridge Island, Washington, and plan to stay for about a week. We have relationships with local bed and breakfasts where you could stay. During the week you would receive three treatments. I would then assess your situation, and teach you how to work on yourself when you go back home. At that point you would either find someone in your neighborhood to work with, or you could continue to work with me and schedule a return visit every three or six months until your condition stabilizes or is healed.

New Client: If we’re just ‘meeting’ (at-a-distance) for the first time and you decide you want to work with me in person, first we would follow the “At-a-Distance health consultation” process discussed above, then, if you decide you want to receive treatment in person, you would follow the steps outlined above in the section, “Current At-a-Distance” client.”

Schedule an ‘At-a-Distance’ health consultation today and learn about the different treatment options available for you. Or, if you need more information, contact Kitty— (206) 842-6936 / .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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