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Acupuncture: East Meets West

Just like famous “Yin/Yang symbol below illustrates, there are always two ways of looking at every situation. It’s the same with acupuncture.

Tai Chi Symbol

Eastern View

“When your body becomes stressed from normal activities, or from a virus or other pathogen, the meridians carrying energy (chi) to your internal organs become restricted. When your organs don’t have the proper amount of energy flowing to them, health problems occur.

Using hair-thin, gently-inserted, sterile disposable needles, acupuncture is used to stimulate points on the restricted meridians to relieve the symptoms you’re experiencing, and to unblock and balance the flow of energy (chi) to the affected organs.”

–From the BIOM Website

Western View

“Acupuncture is the process of applying disposable, ultra-thin needles to specific points on the body to stimulate the nervous system to release certain chemicals in the brain. The improved energy and balance stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities, relieves physical ailments, and promotes physical and emotional well-being.”

–From the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Website

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