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At BIOM we enjoy exploring and discussing how to stay healthy—the Oriental Medicine way ... and we WELCOME you to join in the conversation.

Here are some of the things we’ve been talking about recently on BIOM’s Facebook page. And you’re heartily invited to stop by and join the conversation.

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Cedar and bamboo gate

The ‘Water Snake’ represents the energy that affects health & well-being this year. Our responsibility is to get in sync with that energy.

Winter solitude / in a world of one color / the sound of wind. - Basho

The ‘Year of the Water Snake’ (4711) begins this Sunday, February 10, 2013 ... a good time to focus inward & consider what’s going on ...

The Year of the Water Snake is a good time to turn your awareness inward ... to consider what’s going on in your life.…

We need to closely observe & experience our situation & create a way of producing food which is appropriate to where we live. - Larry Korn

If you’re craving salty foods during Winter, your Kidney Energy probably needs some balancing.

The quiet pond; a frog leaps in — the sound of water ... Basho ...

It’s important to help your body adapt as seasonal conditions change throughout the year. Oriental Medicine knows how to do that.

Take a break when you feel tired. Don’t overwork yourself. Exhaustion leads to carelessness. ~ Larry Haun (Master Carpenter)

Scallion broth is an excellent remedy for preventing colds. Here’s the recipe ...

We need not only a trained intelligence, but also a warm heart. Then a sense of community & a sense of responsibility will arise naturally.…

Fermented foods like yogurt—sauerkraut—miso—kefir & others, produce ‘antimicrobials’ that stimulate the body’s immune response.

Caffeine is particularly hard on the Kidneys in Winter. Consider drinking tea or decaffeinated coffee.

Try to eat as much organic food as you can: pesticides aren’t too good for your health.

Our ancestors understood the life-sustaining value of root vegetables ... we should too ...

February garden … Forest is slowly waking … Permaculturally moving trees & shrubs … pruning … mulching … planning … imagining ...

Getting enough sleep is important to keeping your concentration and to avoid fatigue. ~ Larry Haun (Master Carpenter) ...


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