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5 Element Weight Loss

You can go on a diet, eat less food, and exercise more, and you won’t necessarily lose weight if your digestive system is not working properly. In fact, you may find yourself becoming more unhealthy because you’re getting less nourishment. As a result, a “healthy” weight loss program needs to take into account your unique physicality.

5 Element Weight loss at BIOM is a unique and healthy opportunity to develop a weight loss program based on your special situation—designed and aimed at the outcome you’re looking for—a healthy body and self image.

The Focus
BIOM’s 5 Element approach to loosing weight focuses first on addressing any imbalances you may have in your internal organs. Often, the simple process of balancing the energy (Chi) of the internal organs improves digestion, which enables better metabolism and peristalsis so food doesn’t get trapped in your body. 

The Five Element Weight Loss Method
The Five Element method includes:

  • Principles of a healthy diet.
  • Chi Kung exercises.
  • Acupressure/acupuncture, and Chinese medical herbs (optional).

Call Kitty to find out how to get started — (206) 842-6936.

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