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5 Element Theory: A Logical Myth

I was talking to a group about how 5 Element Theory is at the ‘root’ of Oriental medicine, when someone said, “5 Element Theory is a myth.” Somewhat eager for an argument, this person seemed surprised when I agreed with him, and paraphrasing Joseph Campbell, I said: “A real myth is true.”

Try Oriental medicine and within several weeks you’ll ‘know’ if it’s working for you.

A Myth Is A Truth
As Joseph Campbell explained throughout his long career as a teacher, “myth” reaches far back into humanity’s past, and deep into our current collective unconsciousness. Through its guises of tale, lore, legend, and story, myth presents us with the “facts of life,”  but not in the linear, rational way we’re accustomed to receiving information, but rather wrapped in metaphor and poetic perspective. Learning that begins with a thought, and understood with a feeling.

Lavender LIght

A Diagnostic Model
The 5 Element Theory of Oriental Medicine is a diagnostic model, discovered in ‘pre-scientific’ times and understood today by using your mind, to ‘recognize’ the defined relationships laid out in the 5 Element matrix, and then —  after working with an Oriental medicine practitioner to determine what adjustments in your ‘lifestyle’ are needed to address your health issues — ‘feeling’ if your problem is being corrected. As the folk wisdom says: “The proof is in the pudding”; does it taste good or not? Are you getting better or not? That’s what’s most important to your body. And for your mind: it is much more credible when it can say, “I know,” rather than “I believe.” And the way to know if something is improving your health is to ‘feel’ it.

Try Oriental Medicine
When you try the Oriental medicine approach to health and well-being, within a period of several weeks you’ll ‘know’ if it’s working for you; and whether or not you ‘believe’ in why it’s working won’t make any difference at all, because you’ll be enjoying your pudding.



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