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5 Element Coaching for Health

We live in challenging times: you’re working long hours, and have to sort through vast amounts of information about how to maintain and improve your health. And too often, much of the information is contradictory, and sometimes suspect, because of conflicts of interest.

But you don’t need to throw up your hands in frustration: Kitty Bradshaw and 5 Element Health Coaching help you make make sense of today’s health information while guiding you through the maze of choices and decisions that affect your health and well-being.

What 5 Element Health Coaching Offers
5 Element Coaching for Health provides an opportunity for you to address specific health issues and concerns, while simultaneously learning Oriental Medicine’s time-tested methods for preventative health maintenance.

What You’ll Learn Along The Way
This self-paced, go at your own speed, approach to cultivating and maintaining a healthy life incorporates:

  • How to apply the framework of Oriental Medicine to your particular health situation.
  • Simple things to do to get and stay healthy.
  • Acupressure techniques that address minor discomforts and prevent them from turning into serious problems.
  • Information about healthy diet and nutrition.
  • How to reduce, manage, and maintain your body weight.
  • Information about the side effects of popular, over-the-counter herbal formulas, and their impact when used in combination with pharmaceuticals.
  • How 5 Element Coaching for Health Works
    Either by phone, or in-person, Kitty will lead you through a series of questions to get a sense of the condition of your health. This information becomes the baseline for your health profile and used as a reference point during our discussions and consultations related to achieving your health objectives.

    Coaching Option 1. Using Chinese Medical Herbs
    Chinese Medical Herbs — prescribed and prepared by Kitty — are a highly effective component of a well-balanced health program, and can be included in your coaching for health plan. To take advantage of this powerful health option, you’ll need to come to BIOM for a periodic check-up (timeframe determined on a case by case basis) to make sure that the health condition you’re working on is in synch with the prescribed herbal formula.

    Coaching Option 2. Without Chinese Medical Herbs
    Take advantage of all of the other benefits available from 5 Element Coaching for Health—without using Chinese Medical Herbs.

    Coaching Option 3. Finding The Right Health Care Practitioner
    If your health situation is one where you have an acute or chronic problem that needs hands-on treatment from a medical professional, and you live too far away to come to BIOM; or you just want to information about what you need to know to find an experienced Oriental Medical practitioner that will meet you needs, 5 Element Health Coaching includes a consulting conversation to help you understand the important criteria to consider when seeking out a local practitioner.

    Keep in mind that 5 Element Coaching for Health can also be used in conjunction with treatment you’re receiving from another health professional.


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    IMPORTANT: All information on this Web site is provided for educational use only and not meant to substitute for the advice of a local Oriental Medicine practitioner, biomedical doctor, experienced coach, or martial arts instructor.