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5 Element Diet and Nutrition

Diet and nutrition is so important for your health and well-being because it’s a primary way for getting the energy (chi) you need to live.

Getting The Chi You Need
You’re born with a certain amount of chi that you inherit from your parents; you get a constant supply of chi from the air you breathe; and you need a constant source of chi from the food you eat. When you eat food that doesn’t have the proper nutritive value, your health gradually diminishes; when you eat a diet that’s balanced, based on the 5 Element Theory of Oriental Medicine, your health flourishes.

Eating Your Way To Health
Nutritionally balanced meals, prepared according to recipes based on 5 Element Diet and Nutrition are nature’s pharmaceuticals. These medicinal recipes—many of which are similar to the delicious dishes you enjoy at your favorite Chinese restaurant—provide the chi and nutrients you need to improve and maintain your health, and are often prescribed as part of your treatment plan at BIOM.

Imagine a prescription to treat yourself to some delicious, healthy and balanced Asian cuisine. At BIOM, we believe that getting and being healthy includes having fun and enjoying yourself along the Way.

Important: 5 Element-based recipes also complement Western medical treatments by addressing adverse side effects caused by drugs. If you’re currently ill, or recovering from sickness, these foods will help you recuperate, rejuvenate, and regain your vitality.

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