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5 Element Theory & Oriental Medicine

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Power of Oriental Medicine

People have always been looking for ways to understand what’s happening with their health. Ancient Chinese philosophers called Taoists, put together a framework for doing this that’s still used today in Oriental Medicine. It’s called Five Element Theory.

The logic of Five Element Theory becomes clear as you begin to use it as a filter for processing your observations regarding things like: how you feel after eating, the types of emotions you’re prone too, and the kinds of food you crave.

Working with the Five Element chart, is a fun and informative way to understand how to navigate your way toward health and well-being.

What Is Five Element Theory

Five Element Theory helps you understand how natural changes within your body and outside environment affect your health. To predict and understand these dynamic changes, ancient doctors studied nature to determine what universal principles existed that could be applied to health and well-being. Five Element Theory is what they came up with.

The five elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. They were selected based on the observations of ancient oriental philosophers who theorized that the natural world embodied these elemental characteristics. Oriental Medicine uses this time-tested, diagnostic model to analyze how the various parts of a person’s body and mind interact to affect health. These relationships are illustrated in the 5 Element Chart which shows how each element is related to specific aspects of your body and mind.

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