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From The Tombs of Ma-Wang-Tui
From The Tombs of Ma-Wang-Tui

“In 1973, in a small Chinese village named Ma-wang-tui, archaeologists discovered a tomb that held wisdom from the past dating back to 168 B.C.” This knowledge - written on silk and bamboo; bone and tortoise shell, describes and illustrates practical health information still being used today by Oriental Medicine practitioners – over 2000 years later.

Found with these texts prescribing ways to treat specific health problems were charts illustrating gentle gymnastic and breathing exercises called Chi Kung. These easy-to-do movements help soothe existing ailments, while strengthening your body in ways that minimize the chance of a relapse, or of new problems arising.

Information was also found about ancient ways of understanding the world we live in, one that you may have heard of called, “Yin and Yang”, along with the 5 Element Theory – both of which help explain the methods and techniques used in the practice of Oriental Medicine.

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