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Be Ready to Enjoy
Be Ready to Enjoy

If 80% of success is just showing up, you can add at least another 10% by showing up on time, or a little bit early. Considering this, I ask that you arrive at BIOM a little before the scheduled beginning so you have time to get comfortable and ready to enjoy.

Dress Comfortably
When doing Chi Kung dress in layers of comfortable, loose-fitting clothing so you can make adjustment your body temperature as you do the exercises and increase your ‘Chi’ flow.

What to Expect
A typical Chi Kung class involves sitting on a cushion on the floor — a simple act that builds muscular-skeletal strength and tones your internal organs. You should try to add some ‘floor-sitting’ to your daily life whether you’re formally studying Chi Kung or not.

If sitting on the floor is initially too uncomfortable, you have a choice of ‘sitting surfaces’ that help to gradually ease you to the floor, over the course of several meetings.

In addition to sitting, Chi Kung exercises are also done standing up and lying down on a mat.

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