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Meet Kitty
Meet Kitty

Kitty Bradshaw
Herbalist, Acupuncturist, Health & Wellness Coach

Kitty is a licensed acupuncturist (L.Ac.) with an advanced clinical degree in Oriental Medicine (O.M.M.). Studying and working with Oriental Medicine since 1986, Kitty combines Traditional Oriental Medicine with Taoist healing methods to offer healing possibilities beyond the level of standard health care. Her deep understanding of Chinese medical herbs, combined with her intuitive abilities to diagnose and treat difficult problems, has helped many people regain and maintain their health.

Kitty’s holistic approach to healing combines acupuncture, acupressure, herbal medicine, diet and nutrition, Facial Rejuvenessence, and Chi Kung.

Experienced With Western Medicine
Kitty also has experience working with Western medicine. She maintains professional relationships with local medical doctors (MDs) from whom she receives ongoing referrals. Kitty attended nursing school, worked in several hospitals, and went on to co-found a well-woman’s health center in the early 1970’s.

Helping People
Kitty spent 12 years as a leadership and management consultant, serving a wide variety of Fortune 500 companies. During this time of working with people in very demanding, high stress jobs, her focus included contributing to their health, and the health of the organizations they worked in. 

At the same time she was working as a business consultant, Kitty taught an ongoing Chi Kung class, where she worked with people individually to help them to regain and maintain their health.

BIOM is the result of Kitty’s passion, and the high quality health care she provides is her commitment to you.

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Meet Michael
Meet Michael

Michael Kessler
Executive and Personal Coach
Tai Chi, Aikido, & Chi Kung Instructor

Guided by his perspective that “your life is your career,” Michael has gathered a wide range of personal, professional, and educational experiences over the past 25 years, which include: a BS degree in Economics, an MBA degree in International Business, a Black Belt degree in Aikido, and many years of experience practicing and teaching the Chinese meditative martial arts of Tai Chi Chuan and Pa Kua Chuan.

From the time he began working on Wall Street as an analyst, technical writer, instructional designer, and trainer, to the time spent working at companies like Microsoft and Boeing, Michael has relied on, and applied, his 25 years of experience in the meditative martial arts of Aikido, Tai Chi, and Pa Kua to meet the continual challenges of the corporate battlefield.

Executive and Personal Coach
Michael combines his workplace experience, martial arts wisdom, and basic street-savvy to work with you to strategize the best ways to achieve the personal and professional goals you want to reach along your way.

By integrating martial art principles like listening, blending, sticking, yielding, and pushing into the coaching process, Michael works with you to discover the inner resources used by warriors to calm themselves before, strengthen themselves during, and heal themselves after a battle: Skills that remain useful today—at home, at work, and on the Way.

Working With Young People
Michael has significant experience working with and coaching young people. Since 1977 he has coached, taught, and mentored young people, in settings that include: inner city and suburban public schools, community colleges, Fortune 500 companies, and classes teaching the meditative martial arts.

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Reclaim Your Yin
Reclaim Your Yin

Our world today is very Yang with lots of rushing to and fro, 24/7 energy output, little sleep and rest ... and the list goes on.

Much ado is made about Yang energy, and it is well rewarded monetarily. Not so with the Yin.

Sleep is Yin, and getting enough sleep is considered a sign of weakness; going slowly, whether on foot or auto, is considered aberrant. The Yin is nowhere to be found.

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