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Staying Healthy in Turbulent Times

In turbulent times it is crucial to focus on the simple things that can help you maintain your health.

Managing Fear in Your Body
In a time like this, with the economy creating feelings of fear, your immune system takes a hit with each jab of worry and anxiety, making you more vulnerable to health problems. If you pay attention, you may notice that fear causes parts of your body to tighten up (shoulders and neck are common examples), and constricts the flow of energy that nourishes health. The antidote to this type of ‘freezing-up’ is to take a minute or so, throughout the day when you need to, to take several slow, deep, breaths. This helps prevent tension from building up in your body.

Keeping Your Wits When Anxiety Bites
Another well-known blow to your well-being, when things turn negative fast, is your energy rushing upward causing that ‘mind-racing’ feeling. Slow, deep breathing, once again, is Nature’s remedy for rebalancing; bringing your energy back down to the center of your body. Becoming more aware of your feet can also turn ‘rocketing’ energy around, returning it to a more balanced flow.

Sleeping Yourself To Health
Getting rest is a key part of the prescription for maintaining your health in stressful times. If you’re having trouble sleeping, conscious breathing, as you’re lying in bed, is the ‘pill’ you need.

Here’s how to do it: Start by breathing slowly and deeply ... gradually become aware of your abdomen with each breath. When you feel centered ... send your attention down to your feet ... and for a few breaths ... with each exhalation ... ‘tell’ your feet to relax. Continue breathing slowly and deeply ... and when you’re ready ... move your awareness up one level ... from feet-to-ankles ... ankles-to-knees ... and so on ... all the way to the top of your head. Repeat again ... until you fall asleep.

Help Yourself So You Can Help Others
Maintaining your health during turbulent economic times is crucial because the ‘danger reflex’ can kick in, causing you to work longer, harder and faster to protect your financial health. So while you’re working out your strategy for riding out the current economic turbulence, think about what the flight attendant tells you to do when the going gets rough:

”... PUT YOUR MASK ON FIRST (and START BREATHING) before you try to help someone else.”

This mask is equivalent to your health: make sure you put it on first, and then you can manage the rest!

Wishing you a smooth flight through this turbulent time.

Kitty and Michael at BIOM

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