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Knowing Is Technology


Knowing Is Technology

Did the ancient Chinese think and act seasonally? Of course they did; they had to. They had no choice.

They had no on-demand electrical lighting, no refrigeration for their food, or air-conditioning to keep cool in Summer. When it was dark, it was dark; when it was cold, it was cold. Knowing how to be in synch with the energetics of the season was their technology.


In the 21st century, we have astounding technologies enabling us to disregard natural cycles and rhythms. And to the extent we’ve lost that rhythm, to that extent we’re out of balance. When you’re out of balance, you stumble, and too much stumbling leads to falling down.

Uplifting Health

Today we can enjoy the benefits of both Western and Eastern technology: the technical accomplishments of Western science and the intuitive knowing of Oriental Medicine.

As we see it at BIOM, the goal of healthy living is reached when we balance both approaches and thereby live a balanced life.​

Summer: Being in Rhythm With The Season


It’s Summer! The time of year when days are long and temperatures rising.

We all know that each season of the year has its own unique characteristics and requirements.

In our minds, we know we need to change our wardrobes; that different kinds of events find their way onto our schedules; and (to some extent) we change our diet. At the same time, your body is making its own adjustments.

According to the Five Element Theory used in Oriental Medicine, the major organ systems in your body also change with the seasons.

Each season, a specific organ system goes into energetic overdrive: Heart in Summer; Spleen/Pancreas in late-Summer; Lungs in Autumn; Kidneys in Winter; and Liver in Spring.


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Wishing you a Happy & Healthy Summer!

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Summer Health

Oriental Medicine teaches that for each season, a specific organ system goes into ‘energetic overdrive,’ and therefore needs more attention, i.e. ‘balancing.’

In Summer, it’s the ‘Heart-Kidney’ system.


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