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Tai Chi for Gardeners

The ‘’garden’ is a metaphor for life; if you continue to ‘grow’ as a person, you’re a ‘gardener.’ Experience and learn gentle, easy-to-use Tai Chi exercises that support healthy growth in your garden — and yourself.

Your Benefits

  • Private, one-on-one instruction.
  • An analysis of how you currently use your body in the garden.
  • Guidance on how to move more safely and efficiently.
  • Help in figuring out how to adapt to and work around physical discomforts.
  • More physical strength.
  • Reduced stress on your muscles and joints.

The Experience

Condition your body while learning how to move in ways that enable you to feel exuberance and delight while gardening ... (Read more)

How It Works

Tai Chi for Gardeners offers essential skill-building for the gardening work you need and want to do today, and throughout each season of your life. (Learn more)

Frequently Asked Questions

Get more insight to what Tai Chi for Gardeners has to offer you. (Read more)