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Here’s what people are saying about the “Joseph Campbell and the Story of Your Life” workshop:

  • “I think your integration of Joseph Campbell and Ira Progoff worked amazingly well.”

  • “You are a very effective, exceptionally articulate teacher—able to deliver a profound message with good humor. What we were doing was highly personal, but you were able respect each student’s privacy.”

  • “Just wanted to say that our last Tai Chi lesson was extraordinary.”

  • “Drawing on Tai Chi was useful and felt synergistic.”

  • “It sure seems like a good way to do living.”

  • “I would highly recommend Michael’s classes for anyone interested in increasing the depth of their daily life.”

  • “Michael’s longtime study of Joseph Campbell and the meditative martial arts were amazingly synergistic, his insight and skills in the martial arts added an important dimension to our class.”

  • This class provided me with tools to move inward towards increased awareness and health.”

  • “Michael’s essential joy in his own creative powers is contagious. His profound insights, combined with his abundant good humor, resulted in classes that were thoroughly enjoyable while provocative.”

  • BIOM’s Bainbridge Island home is clearly a sacred place of healing on many levels.“Thank you!

  • Upcoming Sessions
    Our Winter 2005 schedule will be announced in December. For more information about upcoming dates for the Joseph Campbell and the Story of Your Life Workshop, contact Michael: (206) 842-6936 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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