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War and Peace - Revisited

Quietly, walking together along the promenade beside the bay, my friend and I heard a couple discussing the war. After overhearing their attitudes and emotions for a few minutes, with his gaze still on the path in front of him,  my friend said: “Peace begins inside of you, just like war begins inside of you. If you want to feel ‘peace,’ then focus your attention on your breath.

I said to him: “But it doesn’t last. I feel that peace, but after a few breaths, I get distracted, and then after a thought or two, I’m remembering those things that annoy me.” He said, “But the breaths keep coming, and so does the opportunity to continue feeling peace. All it takes is a genuine desire to feel it.”

He said goodbye, and turned onto the path leading up to the trees.

I lingered by the water, letting his words sink in.

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