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The Summer Dojo

It’s been very dry this summer in the west, fires raging far and wide; not to bad at BIOM though where wise trees know how to survive summer drought and winter wind.

A hoe
standing without a farmer
the heat!
            – Shiki

But there have been hot days and the dojo has moved outside beneath giant maple, cedar, and fir — hot in the spaces where the sun streams down and heats the gravel mat. And the summer forest dojo sweat recalls memories of the summer city dojo, two stories above the boulevard traffic and its wafting exhaust filling the stagnant summer city air - many young years ago.

Spend enough time in the dojo and you’re transformed, and transported, like a seed, floating, until it arrives at a place to root ...

A dojo in the woods, beneath giant maple, cedar, and fir; a well ‘en-Tao-ed’ place.

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