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Tai Chi Garden High

I’ve always enjoyed the relaxing, ‘endorphic’ effect of physical exercise. Along my way I’ve immersed myself in different aspects of physical culture: ranging from traditional sports in my youth, and as a young adult, aerobic running, swimming, and cycling; along with intense practice of the martial art of Aikido, which gradually mellowed into the smooth, buoyant dance of Tai Chi Chuan.

Tai Chi for Gardeners grows a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Now, at the ‘mid-century mark of my life, I marvel at the evolutionary flow that carried me along the continuum from body-centered, to body-mind awareness, to a consciousness of body-mind-spirit. And as a Master Gardener friend keeps reminding, “It just keeps getting better”: For me it’s the personal discovery of a more expansive body-mind-spirit experience that I call ‘Tai Ch for Gardeners.”

A Unique Way to Relieve Stress & Tension
When I used to run, swim, and cycle, I always felt calm and relaxed when I was done, but as I waded back into the ‘daily grind,’ stress and tension muscled their way back into my body and mind, which over time had a dis-spiriting effect. And as new stress and tension began to replace the batch I had just ‘worked out,’ all I had was the memory of knowing that I could get relief by ‘working it out’ it again.

Feel The Chi

Tai Chi for Gardeners is unique in that after the euphoric feeling that comes from grounding excess mental activity, and loosening tension-wound knots in my body, I have so much more than what the conventional ‘work out’ offers:  I have a beautiful garden that continues to lift my spirit and inspires me to come back for more.

Contact Michael — (206) 842-6936 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) — to find out how Tai Chi for Gardeners can benefit you.

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