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Meeting the Challenges That Meet You

It’s been a particularly busy past few months at BIOM. Evolutionary changes and challenges, and lots of chances to slip into old, worn out ways of doing things. Along with the ever present possibility of missing opportunities that only come into focus when looking at familiar problems with a fresh perspective. 

Refreshing Perspective
Here’s what I’ve been doing to stay clear, focused, and successful at meeting the changes and challenges I’ve recently encountered along my way:

- I begin by letting my attention gradually drop down from my head — the center of incessant thinking ... and ...
- Become aware of my ‘centerpoint’ ... that place inside my abdomen ... at the mid-point of my body ... two or three inches below the navel ... and inside about an inch ... and ...
- Gradually ... breath by breath ... I calm, center, and concentrate on next steps ... and ...
- Continue stepping along ...

Rooted and Balanced
This simple process is used to feel ‘rooted’ — that subtle feeling that enables one to stay balanced during normal life transitions, and when confronted by challenging or upsetting situations.

‘It’s not that I don’t lose my balance, it’s just that I know how to get it back quickly.’ —  Aikido master

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