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When you get upset—startled, anxious, overly excited ... take a deep breath ... then with your mind, feel your feet connected to the ground—then a "rooted" response will naturally flow up and out..

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Living in Stress-filled Times

We live in stress-filled times, there’s no doubt about it. Much of our time is taken up managing fear stemming from international turmoil, economic anxiety, concerns about the safety of the food supply, and other “macro” situations - on top of the normal challenges that come from “chopping wood and carrying water.”

Stressful times indeed, and at the same time, you have the capacity to control what you focus on, and the power to make the practical decisions that foster calm in the midst of the storm. Variations of this simple insight have been echoing in the literature of consciousness throughout the generations.

To know this, rather than just hope that it’s true, you need a way to experience calm and balance when the ground shakes, the wind blows, the rivers rise - or whenever you feel like you’re having a bad day.

Read the articles, “Entering Sacred Space,” and “Stressing Health” to find out things to do to inflate the ‘protective’ energy that fosters your physical, mental, and spiritual health - and by extension, the health of the world around you.

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