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When you get angry, scared, confused, or generally upset: shift your attention to your breathing, and take three slow, deep breaths. You’ll calm down, center, and be able to proceed with a clear mind and re-focused intention.

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Haiku by Chigetsu
Haiku by Chigetsu

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Iron Shirt Chi Kung

Chi Kung is an ancient system of simple and gentle exercises that cultivate health and well-being. The remarkable benefits of Chi Kung can be enjoyed by anyone—all you have to do is practice a little bit each day.

Iron Shirt Chi Kung
Iron Shirt Chi Kung is an integral part of Meditative Martial Arts at BIOM. Traditionally, Iron Shirt Chi Kung was used to develop the strong body, fearless mind, and warrior spirit needed to withstand the forces of hand-to-hand combat. These capabilities remain vital today, as you work to achieve your dreams and objectives on today’s battlefields—outside and in.

Rooted and Responsive
Iron Shirt Chi Kung activates within your body and mind a feeling of “rootedness”—as the adage of “taking a stand” implies. You learn how to stand—and move—in ways that blend and harmonize with your physical and social situations. And redirect and manage the inharmonious elements that slip through.

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