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"Rooting" is a metaphor describing a feeling and ability that can be learned, cultivated, and applied when you need it.

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Good Morning Garden

It was a beautiful cool-in-the-shade, warm-in-the-sun day; I gathered in the Chi and began the Tai Chi gardening process called ‘grounding’: working in the soil of Life — rolling and crushing Autumn leaves between my palms — Winter blanket/Summer mulch — greeting elders from seasons prior and their new growth.

It was a good morning after all, thanks to my good morning garden.

Several hours of Tai Chi gardening later I felt that soothing, ‘worked-out’ feeling that comes after culling and composting the work-week’s stress from body and mind. And that night, pleasantly fatigued, I went to sleep. But just as freshly loosened soil is good for the plants growing in it, it may not be so good for the creatures who are now more easily gotten to by birds looking for an easy meal. Sometimes my unintentional thoughts behave like those birds.

Good Morning Garden

Before drifting into sleep I thought I’d have pleasant dreams, but that wasn’t the case; I woke up the next morning feeling uneasy. “Oh well ...” I said to myself with resignation as I stepped outside on my way to work, but then ...  in an instant! I felt it: the freshness of the garden air on my face, the coolness of its ‘Chi’ in my lungs, and the mellifluous chirping of the birds ... and all of a sudden! I felt good:  It was a ‘good morning’ after all, thanks to my ‘good morning’ garden.

Gathering in the Chi is a refreshing Chi Kung exercise that connects the body, mind, and breath in way that let’s you feel the subtle energy that keeps you alive.

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