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Fertilize With Enthusiasm

The daffodils in the BIOM garden grow tall, firm, and vibrant. Visitors giggle as they’re surrounded by a gaggle of pixie-like flowers smiling at them with bright yellow faces.

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

People have wondered about the secret that coaxes the spirit of these garden creatures so high, as do I, since I plant them so deep: “Is it the fertilizer?,” some ask, or just a ‘green’ — in this case ‘yellow’ — thumb?

Though I’m intending to, I have not yet fed these forest friends anything. I haven’t even given much consideration to how much sunlight they will have when they decide to ‘stretch’ at Winter’s end. Although, there is one thing I did add to each of these firm, fist-sized bulbs: ENTHUSIASM! — My feeling as I imagined how beautiful the garden would feel in Spring, when these delightful garden denizens trumpeted in a new season of growth.

Fertilize with Enthusiam!

And this got me to remembering what my friend Ronin keeps reminding:“As you grow the garden, the garden grows you.”

So sprinkle a little enthusiasm on everything you do, and you’ll eventually enjoy the fruit.

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