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The dark night of the soul comes just before revelation. When everything is lost, and all seems darkness, then comes the new life and all that is needed. - Joseph Campbell

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The First Breath

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Autumn Beach Retreat

Autumn Beach Retreat

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It’s Autumn at BIOM, as giant maples let loose their leaves into spiraling October breezes and swirling November winds, landing at their their feet in mounds of Winter mulch. This is our signal that it’s time to throttle back and start shifting our focus inward, like the trees: centering, concentrating, and rooting the growth we experienced throughout the Spring and Summer. Time for the BIOM Autumn Retreat.

“Tai Chi by the Sea” was the theme of our Autumn Beach Retreat. We came together on a Long Beach along Washington’s beautiful and inspiring Pacific coast. For three days and nights we encamped in comfortably quaint surf side cottages, a short stroll to the ocean’s edge, where we danced the dance of Tai Chi, conducted by waves of surf, wind, and sunshine.

Later we retreated back into the cottage  for some Chi Kung, conversation, Insight Journaling, and some much needed ‘downtime.’ In balance, we cultivated camaraderie and enjoyed the feeling of Self reliance.

Staying Healthy in Autumn
In this episode of Seasonal Health Tips, Kitty talks about how the Metal element of Autumn affects your health, and how to stay healthy during this season of cooler days and longer nights.

A BIOM seasonal getaway is a ‘treat’ that lasts from season to season. Because by practicing what you learn and experience at a BIOM retreat you can continue to ‘re-treat’ yourself at home, until the next seasonal getaway comes around.

So plan to treat yourself to BIOM’s upcoming Winter Retreat, where we’ll be focusing on: The Way In ...

And as always ...
Wishing you health and well being,
Kitty and Michael

Contact Kitty to find out how you can participate in a BIOM retreat: email ~ (206) 842-6936

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