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Aikido Man

In the poem that follows, ‘Uke’ (oo-kay) and ‘Nage’ (nah-gay) are Japanese martial arts terms referring to a pair of people practicing Aikido together. During Aikido technique practice the ‘Nage’ throws and the ‘Uke’ falls or rolls. Throughout this training exercise each participant gets to play the role of Uke and Nage, hence, the Golden Rule of Aikido: “Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you - because they’re going to do it to you next.”

Kneeling in solitude, ceremoniously bent
serenity and harmony, these be his intent.
Facing the master he looks for himself,
attaining enlightenment first above else.

Preliminaries done, training’s begun
Uke* and Nage* learning as one.
The crisp execution, the challenge, the thrill,
repetition and training develop the skill.

A man of loyalty, honor, respect,
through love of his Art these he’ll never reject.
Respecting all life, and all that is blessed,
doing what’s proper, calmly awaiting the death.

His is a legacy, one that tradition unfolds,
techniques and wisdom from the Fathers of Old
Steeped in Knowledge of the arts and the letters,
training the Self unloosens the fetters,

His way is ageless, timeless and now,
always unfolding, always asks how?
Those who know him, love him as such,
who’s not attracted to the mysterious?

- Ronin (1981)





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