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An Enlightening Interview With Jack O’Lantern

Our friend Jack O’Lantern stops by BIOM every year around this time, and we asked if he would share with you some of his ideas on how to get the most out of Halloween, and the Harvest celebration.

He agreed to be interviewed, and here’s what he had to say:

Michael: So Jack, why is Halloween so special to you?

Jack O’Lantern: Well this is the time of the year when the waning of the light begins to be very obvious. And as you know, my job is to remind people that looking at the light in themselves is a fun, and necessary, thing to do. That’s why I encourage people to carve me up, put a candle inside me, and enjoy my glow.

Michael: The poets and sages say that there’s “light” inside everyone of us. How does that “light” compare to the light we see coming from you during Halloween?

Jack O’Lantern: I’m glad you asked me that! These days too many people have forgotten about the “light” that’s inside of them. Maybe they think it’s corny, or too religious; or maybe they just forgot that it’s there, I’m not sure. But there’s one thing I do know—and I built my career around this—and that is: There’s no better feeling than feeling your inner light shine through you!

People are always commenting about how beautifully I “glow.” And I tell them: “You can glow too. All you have to do is know that there is a “light” inside of you, and take some time to look at it.” For me, it’s the feeling I get gazing at the Harvest Moon on a cool, clear night.

Michael: But you’re Jack O’Lantern! How can ordinary people hope to be able to glow like you? What can people who live busy lives do to get their inner light to shine through?

Jack O’Lantern: It’s actually quite simple. Like me, you too have openings to let the light come through. All you have to do is intend for it to come through. And when you do, it will pour out of your eyes, and you’ll see what you’re looking for; and other people who are looking for the light will see it coming from you, and you’re likely to meet friends when and where you least expect to. And when you feel “lit up,” the light will come through your mouth in the form of kind and creative words. So there are lots of ways to let your light shine through.

Michael: Since Halloween, and the Harvest season is upon us, is there anything you can suggest for people to do so they can have this “lit up” experience?

Jack O’Lantern: When I was a young pumpkin, learning how to “jack-o-lantern,” my teacher used to have us stand in the moonlight and imagine ourselves, not as ordinary pumpkins, but as the glowing jack-o-lanterns we aspired to be. He taught us to feel ourselves connected to the earth, out of which we came, and then feel the moonlight coming down from above, lighting our stems like candles, and illuminating our bodies with a warm, orangey glow: very similar to some of the Chi Kung exercises you teach at BIOM.

At first I thought that was kind of a strange thing to do; but, you know what? It worked. This simple exercise taught me how to glow on my own, whether anyone lit a candle inside of me or not. You folks reading this should give it a try! After all, if an old gourd like me can be named “Jack,” you can figure out how to glow like a Halloween pumpkin.

If you want to know more about “jack-o-lanterning,” or would like to ask Jack a question, he can be reached at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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