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5 Ways to Stay Healthy & Safe in 2005

A new year, and a new opportunity to reorient: to reflect on where you’ve been, to consider where you’re going, and to understand where you are now. And to support that process, here are some things to be aware of as you continue along your way.

1. Know Thyself
Pay attention to what your body is letting you know about it’s health. When you acknowledge that your body is intelligent, like your mind is intelligent, you open a channel into your consciousness that provides the information you need to make the healthy adjustments you need to avoid getting sick or hurt. Also, take some time each day to remember what makes you feel content, and take another step that direction.

2. Don’t Supersize It.
Eat a balanced diet, in moderately sized portions. Keep in mind that it’s healthier to eat smaller portions throughout the day, rather than eat large meals two or three times a day. Folk wisdom: “After lunch, rest a while; after dinner, walk a mile.”

3. Watch Out for Cock-eyed Behavior
February 2005 is the beginning of the Chinese, Year of the Rooster. Prepare yourself for the possibility of more pugnacity than you’re accustomed to, as the roosters around you “strut their stuff.” So now is a good time to learn, re-learn, or brush the dust off your conflict management skills—or learn some new ones like Tai Chi and Aikido.

4. Be More Conscious
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported that injuries caused by accidents are a significant health problem for everyone, regardless of age, gender and race, pointing out that, “We have to understand that we all have a risk of injury, and there are things we can do to reduce the risk.” Chi Kung and Tai Chi are wonderful ways to become more balanced in your body and aware of what’s going on around you, giving you a cushion against those things you bump into, as well as those that bump into you.

5. Avoid Slip-ups
We all make mistakes, but it’s important to learn how to avoid the ones that really hurt. As you start the new year, it’s dark, wet and slippery outside and the danger of falling is very real—especially when you factor in the self-induced “attention deficits” we cause with our gadgets and our goings-on. The services offered at BIOM—Bainbridge Institution of Mindfulness/Bainbridge Island Oriental Medicine support you in developing the steady footwork that let’s you glide along the way.

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