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Each entered the forest at a point that he himself had chosen, where it was darkest and there was no path. If there is a path it is some else's path and you are not on the adventure. - Joseph Campbell.

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The Importance of Breath

If you’re going to write, you need to learn an alphabet, and then you go on to create sentences, paragraphs, and on to the reason for writing itself: to communicate. It’s similar with the breath, though amazingly, not as obvious. Society knows the value of literacy and has established schools to develop it.  But with ‘breathing, ’ the attitude is: ‘Why pay any attention to that? It comes by itself (a reliable, yet risky assumption), and what more is there to learn about it?’

But for those people who are fortunate enough to hear that there is a bit more to the business of breathing, there are great benefits and joys to be had.

Here are a few of them:

  • If you slow down for a few minutes, even a few moments, and just pay attention to the simple act of your breath going in and out of your body, you’ll start to feel an immediate sense of calm.
  • After you’ve calmed down a bit, and take a moment to reflect on what each breath actually brings to you as a person, the simple recognition of “life itself” can wash over you, and add another facet to the reflection of who you are.
  • Then, if you make it a habit to take a few minutes or moments each day, to feel your breath and the life it brings to you ... a whole avenue of new possibilities begins to open.
  • This is the beginning of meditation ... and something to meditate on.

    “When it comes to this life, a breath doesn’t appear to be much, but look closer and you will find an existence.”
                                          -Prem Rawat

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