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Pa Kua Chuan—like Tai Chi Chuan and Aikido—is another expression of the meditative martial arts. Pa Kua uses spiraling energy to soothe, heal, and invigorate your body and mind. This method of the meditative martial arts is famous for its capacity to develop the ability to manage challenging situations coming from any and all directions.

Making The Right Moves
Pa Kua teaches you how to adapt to the circumstances of your life, and make the necessary changes required at any moment. The techniques and applications of Pa Kua are adaptable to your unique physical characteristics and mental disposition, so whoever you are—and however you are—there is a way for you to learn and benefit from the practice of Pa Kua.

As with each of the meditative martial arts—as you learn the principles and movements of Pa Kua, you’ll become very clear about your strengths and weaknesses, and how to leverage them in the various situations you encounter—at work, at school, at home, and on your way.

Learning Pa Kua at BIOM
Pa Kua at BIOM is integrated with Tai Chi Chuan, Aikido, and Chi Kung. Our focus is on applying Pa Kua in daily life, with a warrior spirit, tempered by a meditative perspective.

Sun Tzu Said ...

    “If you know yourself and know the enemy,
        in a hundred battles you will never be

      If you know yourself, but are ignorant of the
        enemy, your chances of winning or losing
        are equal.

      If you are ignorant of both yourself and the
        enemy,  you will certainly be defeated.”

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