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Each entered the forest at a point that he himself had chosen, where it was darkest and there was no path. If there is a path it is some else's path and you are not on the adventure. - Joseph Campbell.

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Balance and Imbalance
Balance and Imbalance

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Enter • Blend • Redirect ...

This trinity is the foundational concept underpinning Tai Chi and Aikido … both Internal Martial Arts … the kind that enable you to deal with your Self … from the Inside-Out ...

Chi Kung For Healthy Lungs


Chi Kung builds & maintains healthy Lungs. These gentle movements physically expand the Lungs, increasing your capacity to inhale more air.

Tai Chi for Gardeners: A Moving Experience

Tai Chi for Gardeners shows you how to use your current level of strength — ranging from strong to needing development — so that you’re better able to experience the beautiful feeling called ‘my garden.’

Do more gardening with less strain on your body, resulting in better health, and a more inspiring garden experience.

A Moving Experience
Tai Chi for Gardeners is a ‘moving experience’: You learn how to use your intention to focus your breath and energy in a way that enables your body to exert more force with less physical effort. This makes it possible to do more work, with less strain on your body, resulting in better health, and a more inspiring garden experience.

The Root of the Matter
Tai Chi is an ancient method for coordinating the diverse movements of the body, mind and spirit; Tai Chi for Gardeners is an application of these time-tested techniques where you learn how to use your body safely and efficiently to flow through the motions and stresses embedded in the wide variety of tasks that comprise gardening.

An Unintended Consequence
As the Tai Chi for Gardeners experience takes root in your body, mind and spirit, you may gradually notice a subtle sense of tranquility pollinating other aspects of the landscape of your life with a Tai Chi sensibility.

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