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Facial Rejuvenessence at BIOM

Described by someone as, “Where Heaven Meets Earth,” Facial Rejuvenessence at BIOM takes an Oriental approach to rejuvenating the beauty of your face, while simultaneously improving your overall health. This natural way to look younger combines an acupressure facial and health consultation with additional information on healthy exercise and proper diet and nutrition to foster overall health and radiant skin.

Our soothing and rejuvenating facial also unlocks the emotional tension you carry in your face, enabling tension-related wrinkles and creases to drop away, leaving you with a younger looking, calmer, more peaceful face.

Facial Rejuvenessence Components
Facial Rejuvenessence at BIOM has three main components:

Health Consultation. This time is used to discuss your current level of health and answer any questions you may have. You will also receive information regarding how to enhance and maintain your overall health, which is the best way to achieve a beautifully healthy face.

Taoist Face Reading for Health. Taoist face reading and other Oriental Medicine diagnostic methods are used to evaluate your general level of health. This information is used to focus the facial experience to address your personal health situation.

Rejuvenating Facial. With your specific health needs identified, you will enjoy a soothing and rejuvenating facial experience that includes acupressure massage of your hands, using a variety of Jurlique face and skin care products. More about our soothing, revitalizing facial.

Facial Rejuvenessence and Oriental Medicine
Facial Rejuvenessence at BIOM combines a luxurious, relaxing facial with other key Oriental Medicine health practices:

  • Taoist Face Reading
  • Facial Acupressure and Massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Chi Kung
  • Taoist Face Reading
    Taoist face reading is an ancient, time-tested, diagnostic technique used in Oriental Medicine. Your face is looked at in sections that correspond to the various organs in your body to identify any health issues you may be facing. This information is then used to design a unique Facial Rejuvenessence experience that soothes and rejuvenates while addressing your specific health needs.

    Facial Acupressure and Massage
    Your acupressure facial takes place in a quiet, cozy room overlooking our garden. Your face is steamed and cleansed, and acupressure is used to stimulate those points on your face that improve muscle tone, firm the skin, and increase the circulation of blood, lymph, and chi to your head. Additional points are massaged based on the results of your face reading.

    Facial Rejuvenessence is also an exquisite aromatherapy experience. Our wonderfully relaxing facial is performed using a wide variety of pure, natural, aromatherapy skin care products from Jurlique; products rich in natural antioxidants and organically grown herbs that revitalize, nourish, and strengthen your skin, regardless of age or climate.

    Diet and Nutrition
    What you eat has a direct impact on your overall health—including the health and vibrancy of your skin. During Facial Rejuvenessence at BIOM you will be introduced to the basic components of healthy diet and nutrition. More in-depth consultations on diet and nutrition and other health topics are also available.

    Chi Kung
    Healthy exercise is an important factor in rejuvenating and maintaining beauty and health. During Facial Rejuvenessence at BIOM you will be introduced to Chi Kung—the ancient Chinese exercise system for promoting health and beauty—and receive information to help you maintain your glow when you go back home.

    Four Steps for a Healthy Life

    Too much of your precious life energy gets drained away just trying to take care of “the basics.” And it’s this pressure to perform or just get things done that carries us further and further away from remembering what’s truly important and necessary in living a healthy, balanced life.

    Four Steps for a Healthy Life is a centering solution that guides you along the steppingstones of ancient wisdom about health and well-being that lead right up to your 21st century doorstep.

    These four sessions of information and practical experience show you how to make wise choices leading to the feelings of health and well-being that are the cornerstones of your true career—your life.

  • Chi Kung Movement
  • Chi Kung Breathing
  • 5 Element Diet and Nutrition
  • Simplifying Your Life
  • Chi Kung Movement. During this session you’ll learn and practice a set of powerful, gentle, and effective exercises that have been used for thousands of years to address a wide range of health problems. Chi Kung makes your body strong so it can ward off illness— and it feels so good!

    Chi Kung Breathing. In this session you’ll learn how to fine-tune your breathing process so that you get the maximum amount of energy that life has to offer.

    5 Element Diet and Nutrition. This session focuses on how to identify and prepare food that provides the nutritional value and the energy you need to live a healthy, energetic life. This includes the basic principles of Five Element food balancing.

    Simplifying Your Life. This session “brings it all together” by bringing into focus the choices you face along the way and which ones point to where you want to go, and which ones lead you in the wrong direction. You’ll learn how to activate your meditative perspective and how to use it as a compass for taking the Four Steps for a Healthy Life.


    The Power of Oriental Medicine

    Oriental Medicine at BIOM is an economical health care experience that yields results. Many of the stress-related discomforts and illnesses you face today are preventable, and effectively treated, using Oriental Medicine.

    By focusing on rejuvenating and maintaining your body’s vitality and immune system, Oriental Medicine addresses the specific health challenges you face today and works to prevent disease tomorrow.

    Oriental Medicine at BIOM can be easily integrated with conventional Western medicine, based on your needs and preferences.

    The Oriental Medicine Experience
    Learn more about the fundamental concepts and components of Oriental Medicine practiced at BIOM:

    Fundamental Concepts of Oriental Medicine

  • Five Element Theory
  • Chi
  • Meridians
  • Yin an Yang
  • Key Components of Oriental Medicine

  • Acupuncture & Acupressure
  • Chinese Medical Herbs
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Chi Kung
  • (Learn more ... )


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