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Mid-Spring: Observations and Insights

A camellia falls / spilling out / yesterday’s rain
~ Moritake

You may have been noticing for a while that the calendar is becoming less reliable as an indicator of what’s happening with seasonal energy. For example, while the calendar tells us it’s mid-Spring in the northern hemisphere, the feeling of Summer is coming on strong.

Putting that awareness aside for a moment, I want to share with you what I’ve been observing as we find ourselves at the peak of Spring energy.

Liver/Gallbladder and Lungs at Mid-Spring

People who have a balanced Liver/Gallbladder have lots of energy at mid-Spring, a time when the ‘get-up-and-go’ energy is in the air and pulsing through our bodies.

If the Liver/Gallbladder needs a ‘tune-up,’ you may be feeling a lack of energy—like a car with spark plugs that can’t get things moving.

On top of Liver/Gallbladder symptoms, many of us are having Lung issues like hay fever, allergies, and dry skin because the Lungs are low in energy now.

Oriental Medicine can help relieve symptoms by balancing your energy so you can start feeling better now. And now is the time to build-up the Heart/Kidneys in preparation for the health challenges a body experiences in Summer. Summer is also the time to rebuild Lung energy—take advantage of the opportunity.

Detoxify and Tonify Your Liver

During the Spring season are you, or people you know more irritable than usual? Or surprised by unexpected surges of anger?

If so, then Oriental Medicine can help you become more calm and balanced in your body and mind.

Feel Calmer


According to the 5 Element Theory, Spring is the season of the ‘Wood” energy, and the energetics of ‘Wood’ directly affect your Liver. Since the Liver affects the nerves, if your Liver isn’t balanced you’ll be more prone to irritability and anger in Spring than during the rest of the year.

Tonify and Detoxify
Because the tendency towards irritability and unexpected anger are directly related to Liver imbalance, if you tonify and balance the Liver, you should feel calmer and less frustrated. (“Anger management” techniques are always useful, but if you detoxify your Liver, you’ll have to rely on them less often.)

When your Liver is out of balance you’re more prone to irritability and anger.

How do you know if your Liver is “toxic” — assume that it is! With the amount of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides all around us — in the air, water, food, and other products we use, you should assume your Liver is somewhat toxic, and start doing some simple things to detoxify it.

Early Spring: Rebuilding Kidney Energy


Rebuilding KIDNEY ENERGY at the beginning of Spring is very important.

KIDNEY ENERGY is weak after running full bore through the Winter, so it’s not uncommon at the beginning of Spring to feel lower back pain, weak knees or ankles; or more generally, any discomfort in the lower body, which is the domain of the Kidneys.

It’s particularly important to begin strengthening the Kidney energy as Spring energy takes over, and compels us to move and create: thats why we call it SPRING!

We feel the URGE! inside and out; to be creative! to do Spring cleaning! To get outside! work in the garden! start working on the house! The URGE! is to throw ourselves into whatever motivates, inspires, or just needs doing!

But after a long, slow Winter your body needs to warm up and begin rebuilding the Kidney energy that was depleted over the Winter.

So just as your car and your financial portfolio need periodic tuneups ... the changing seasonal energy from Winter to Spring ... from Water to Wood ... from Kidney to Liver is the time to begin ... REBUILDING KIDNEY ENERGY ...

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